LMT Insights | What exactly is a Pantone and how to spot the trend colors of the upcoming season?

LMT Insights | What exactly is a Pantone and how to spot the trend colors of the upcoming season?

In today's blog entry of LMT Insights, the mystery of Pantone will be clarified. Everyone in the fashion industry is talking about it. But what is it all about?

The Pantone is not, as one might think, a synonym for a particular color way, it is the Pantone Color Institute that stands behind it. This exists already since 1986 and supports different brands to make the right color choice for their products.

80% of human experience is filtered through our eyes. However, color first catches our attention. Different color combinations immediately cause a psychological reaction and a physiological response. These colors communicate a message and mood that can determine the success of the products and making your Pieces easier to sell.

The Pantone Color Institute provides color trends with cultural meanings that match each brand's vision and help create brand colors that engage consumers in an emotional way. This color consulting is of less interest to us in the first place.

What is important, however, is that the institute predicts color trends through Pantone View trend books, which are announced 6 to 12 months before the actual season.

For us as a fashion label, these trend forecasts in the textile sector are of particular relevance. Therefore you can order Pantone books in the Shop or filter on "trend forecasts" to find out about the trend colors. The important thing here is to focus on cotton in order to get the right Pantone codes and select the right shades for your own articles.

The prices, nonetheless, should not be left out of consideration, as it can get very expensive here.

There are, of course, less expensive alternatives for researching the trend colors of the upcoming seasons. We have numerous ways to do trend scouting and come across the colors of the next season. For this, it is worth to follow the big runways first. The following days you should take the time to research:

- Which major editorial offices were present on site?

- About which topics did they publish articles?

- Which trends can be identified?

- Where can we find overlaps with other editorial offices?

Take your time and make yourself a big impression about the upcoming season. This can help you not only with your color palette and the right seasonal Pantone trends, but also with your article choices, your finishing and your cuts.


Source: https://www.pantone.com/eu/de/farbberatung/uber-pantone-color-institute

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