LMT Insights | About our High Quality Blanks

LMT Insights | About our High Quality Blanks

We want to share with you exclusive content on our website that gives you detailed insights into the production of our product range, the designs and manpower behind it and tips and tricks on how you can build a great fashion empire by yourself. That's why our blog is called LMT Insights.

In our first blog article we interview the two founders and CEOs of LEMUTA, Dominik and Maximilian. They tell us the story of how they decided to found this company. In addition, we hear from Dominik (Chief Designer of LEMUTA) how his modern vision shapes the new collections and so the cuts & colorways constantly change. Maximilian will let us know which aspects are the most important in the development and distribution of a fashion brand.


Q: How did it happen that LEMUTA was founded ?


I've been in the fashion industry for a while now and I know how difficult it is to find a good and affordable production, especially when you start with small quantities. Particularly in the streetwear sector, many productions often don't know their way around. However, many people have the dream to start their own label and the creativity of these talented designers should not fail because of one single aspect. Therefore, during the Corona time we came up with the idea to found LEMUTA one evening in the garage. Through my years of working in the fashion industry, I know the appropriate locations to produce and have developed a sense of what cuts will be trendy throughout the year. By creating LEMUTA, we make the work process easier for many designers by allowing them to fully concentrate on print, finishing and distribution.


Q: What is the vision behind LEMUTA ?


LEMUTA is priced in the same range as the competition, but our service is much faster and we deliver the products in up to 4 days. In addition, our customers can access a much wider range of products for individual productions than what the online store has to offer. We take our customers by the hand and guide them through their project together with our help. We have a strong focus on giving small businesses their space for their vision and are happy to serve labels that are still in their starting blocks.

Q: How do you come up with the colors for each collection, what do you focus on for the cuts and how often can we expect new collections?


As soon as it comes to a new collection, we first deal with the cuts. I make sure that we keep up with the latest trends, but are always one step ahead of the competition. Through trend scouting and the suggestions of our customers we finalize the piece. Then it's on to the various colorways. For several months, we also do research and specify the trend colors of the coming seasons. In addition, the Pantone books of the respective quarter always give us new input and incentives to try out new colors. You can expect new collections at LEMUTA 4 to 5 times a year.

Q: What are the most important aspects to develop and distribute your pieces properly?


First, I would register a business for your own label. Then all the other steps take place. However, before thinking much about the designs, I would order a sample for the intended product. That way you can work with the textile better and adapt your designs to it. However, to the process "How to create a fashion brand" will be a separate blog article soon. The distribution takes place, depending on the customer base to be served then mostly online or in the store. Here, at the beginning, the personal contact with its customers is a great advantage. Build a customer base that not only stands behind the product but also behind yourself as the brand's owner.

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